Refugee Crisis in Greece, George Soros renowned investor and philanthropist

This is a Recap of the article that was published in the New York Review of books by George Soros renowned investor and philanthropist. There are four major flaws in the asylum policy which has already brought about the deportation of hundreds from Greece to Turkey. First of all the treaty is not really European […]

Igor Cornelsen Points Out Market Opportunities In The Passive Income Sector

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian retired banker and stock markets investor. He is currently an investments advisor at the Bainbridge Group where he gives investment advice on the commodity stock markets and investments in the foreign exchange markets. Igor Cornelsen uses his years of experience in business to offer expert investment advice to this Group. […]

The Value Of The Penny Is In Our Thoughts Not In Our Pocketbook

The penny doesn’t mean much to Americans anymore. There was a time when finding a penny was a sign of luck or that brighter times were ahead. Pennies were always good things to have around wishing wells or when you passed a gumball machine leaving a grocery store, but all those machines take quarters now. […]

Thor Halvorssen, Founder and President of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) was interviewed by Trish Regan of the Fox Business Network on February 25, 2016. The topic of the interview was Thor Halvorssen’s view on the definition of Socialism. Trish Regan directly asks Thor the definition of Democratic Socialism in light of Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, in contention with Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nominee for the Presidential Election in the United States this November 2016. Thor Halvorssen’s reply is concise and succinct stating that it depends on whether the people take a historical definition or an academic definition of socialism as many democratic countries have various socialist policies. Some people believe that Socialism, Communism, and Marxism are one in the same. Many democratic countries have socialist government practices. Halvorssen ( continues with his analogy using Venezuela, a socialist country, as an example. Socialism is where the government makes decisions for the people. An example would be the government deciding the prices of certain goods to be sold, setting those prices even though they know the prices would cause massive shortages, building to a humanitarian crisis. With that said, he continued to say that he gave one of his largest contributions allowable to the Bernie Sanders political campaign. Regan surprised with his response asked, Why? Haloverssen replied without hesitation that the front-runner of the Democratic Party is someone who has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships, such as Algeria, Barian, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia countries. These countries are just a few, but all are known for executing gays, restrict all press freedoms, imprison people unnecessarily, and have even banned Christmas. Halvorssen continues, “I would rather have Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination than someone who graciously accepts money from dictatorship countries. Trish Regan then asks Halvorssen about his interest in Venezuela’s government policies. Halvorssen responded explaining how his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, and his mother was shot by the Chavez regime. A first cousin of his remains in prison today in Venezuela. Venezuela had for decades operated under a Labor government. These governments nodded to democratic socialism. This type of government can exist, but the problems become apparent when the executives decide to take control of everything. Thor’s personal view is that redistribution of wealth is not the way to end poverty. To end poverty, you must build more wealth, not redistribute existing wealth.